#25 SSL

Learn how to make your website secure.

Go to Dashboard

Go to your site.com/wp-admin to login in your Dashboard.

See Not Secure

when go to dashboard of your site, here you can see Not Secure.

Hover Plugins - Click Add New

From left side panel hover on Plugins then Click Add New.

Search SSL

Here u can see Search Bar from right Side Click on it and Type SSL.

Click Install

After Search SSL, you can see many more Plugins Now Click on Install Button of Really Simple SSL.

Click Activate

After installed Plugin Click On Activate Button.

Hover Settings - Click SSL

After Activation of Plugin, Go to left side panel hover on Settings then Click SSL.

SSL Certificate Detected

Scroll Down and Here you can see SSL certificate Detected.

Click Go Ahead, Activate SSL

Here you can see Button on top, (Go ahead, Activate SSl!) Click on it.

Hover Elementor - Click Tools

From left side panel hover on Elementor then Click on Tools.

Click Regenerate Files

Now Click on Regenerate Files Button.

Click Sync Library

After Regenerate CSS Click on Sync Library Button.

Click Replace URL

After Sync Library Click on Replace URL on top.

Copy Site URL

Now, Copy your Site URL Address.

Paste Exact URL

Now Paste Exact URL Address of your Site in right side blank of Update Site Address (URL).

Paste URL Remove S

Now Paste Exact URL Address in Left side blank and Remove 'S'.

Click Replace URL

Now Click On Replace URL Button.

Click OK

Now Click On 'OK' Button.

Congrats, Website is Secure

you can see here that your Website Is Secure Now.
Congrats, you're done with it!


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