#22 Mobile Friendly

Learn how to make your website Mobile Friendly.

Click Edit With Elementor

Go to your Website and Click on Edit with Elementor.

Click Responsive Mode

Click on Responsive Mode From the Bottom of Left Side Panel.

Click Mobile

Now Click on Mobile tab.

Click Entire Section

Now Click On Entire section.

Click Play on Mobile

Go to Style tab and Click on Play on Mobile.

Choose Background Fallback Image

Now Click on Choose Image For background Fallback.

Click Insert Media

Now Select A Image and Click on Insert Media.

Click Heading

Then Click On Heading for Edit.

Center Heading for Mobile

Select Heading Alignment Click on Center For Mobile.

Click Text - Center Text for Mobile

Now, Click on Text, go to Style Tab & Select Alignment Center Text For Mobile.

Click Heading

Now Click On Heading.

Choose Mobile

Click On Style Tab Then Click Typography and Choose Mobile.

Change Font Size for Mobile

Now Change The Font Size For Mobile.

Click Section

Then Click On Edit Section.

Change Background Position for Mobile

Click on Style Tab then Click on Position and Change Background Position for Mobile.

Click Section

Click on Next Section.

Click Advacned

Go to Advanced tab from the Top.

Enable Reverse Column for Mobile

Scroll Down and click on Responsive and Enable Reverse column for Mobile.

Click Update

Now Click on Update Button.
Congrats, you're done with it!

Mobile Friendly

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