Preferences and Project Settings 16:20 Timeline Scroll - Page V.S. Smooth 02:51 Keyboard Shortcuts 07:47 How to Setup a New Project 11:59 Windows and Layouts 13:38 Importing Media Part 1 11:22 Importing Media Part 2 09:59 The Project Panel 15:34 The Source Panel 13:20 The Sequence Panel or Timeline 25:14 The Program Panel 05:41 Basic Assembly Editing 17:35 The Tool Bar/Selection Tool 09:06 The Tool Bar/Track Select Tool 07:13 The Tool Bar/Ripple and Roll 09:03 The Tool Bar/The Rate Stretch Tool 03:25 The Tool Bar/The Razor Tool 05:09 The Tool Bar/Slip and Slide 04:18 The Tool Bar/Pen Tool 04:25 The Tool Bar/Hand and Zoom Tools 03:02 The Trim Window and Tool 12:31 Syncing and Merging Footage 21:56 How to Edit a Movie/Assembly 15:32 Lift and Extract 04:17 Adding and Manipulating Video Effects 16:45 Adding and Manipulating Audio Effects 08:39 Video and Audio Transitions 12:11 Native Effects - Scale, Position, Rotation 19:37 Animation and Keyframing 21:31 The Ken Burns Effect 17:08 Markers 14:22 Automate to Sequence with Markers 08:02 The Morph Cut 06:32 Masks and Motion Tracking 14:40 Making an Intro 38:39 Multi-Cam Setup and Editing 17:24 Multi-cam Advanced using Multiple Formats 22:11 Color Correction with Lumetri 46:56 Sound Mixing and Sweetening 40:49 New Update: Essentials Graphics 11:45 New Update: Essentials Sound 09:47 Round Tripping or Dynamic Link to After Effects 14:16 Exporting a Project to a Movie 12:29 Proxy or Offline Workflow and Ingest Settings 24:48 Lumetri Color Panel & Color Correction/Grading 48:04 How to Create a Cinematic or Film Look With Lumetri 16:46 How to Mask and Bring up the Shadows on a Face 10:01 How to Eliminate a Title on Video 05:30 Advanced Proxy Workflow 14:46 Essential Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips, Tricks for Fast Editing 11:05