1. Introduction

#1 Introduction

Learn from this course how to make a WordPress website step by step with no step skipped.

This course is divided in 25 different sections to make it easy to follow along.

I hope you love it as much as I do.

Standard Website

You're going to learn how to make a Standard and professional Website that suits Modern World.

27 Easy Steps

This course includes 27 Easy Steps and each one is defined in the details and with modern life examples.


We are going to use WordPress CMS (Content Management System) to create this website.

59.5% Market Share

WordPress has 59.5% Market Share

Notable WP Users

Websites like CNN, Forbes, ebay etc use WordPress.

Learn From Basic

You'll learn everything Step by Step with no Step Skipped even basic things like login into WordPress.

Set Up Website

You'll learn how to set up Website so that Search Engines can find you easily.

Create Pages

You'll learn how to Add, Edit & Delete pages in your website.

Visual Page Builder

We'll use a #1 visual page builder (Elementor) to build this website and it's best.

Learn to Design

You'll learn how design things like Apple or Disney into your Website.

Don't Design

You'll learn how to make website without even designing from your own mind by using pre-made designs/blocks to create your website.

Contact Form

Learn how to make Contact forms and Contact page so that your visitors can get it touch with you easily.

Mobile Responsive

You'll learn how to make your website responsive so that it can be access from any device (Desktop/Tab/Mobile)

53% Traffic from Mobile

According to latest research more than 50% users visit websites from Mobile.

Website Security

Lastly, you'll learn how to make your website secure using SSL.


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