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The best way to create a website.

Download websites for free, then upload them to your WordPress website. 

How It Works

Get any host you want.

Install WordPress

Download a completed website from tyler.com

Upload to your website and customize

Build It Fast

Just choose a completed, professionally designed 
website from our gallery and install it in seconds. 
Okay, there a few things you need to do first, like 
buy your domain and set up WordPress, but 
I’ll show you where and how.

Step By Step

I’ll give you a video with step by step instructions for how to set up your new site, and how to make any changes you want with a simple drag and drop editor.

100% Free

The websites are designed by my team of 
professional web designers and they are very, 
very cool. They’re also built on WordPress.org, which 
is the most flexible, adaptable, and powerful platform 
there is, so you’ll never have to move your website 
or start again from scratch.

Join a quarter of a million 
subscribers on my YouTube channel, 
or skip all that jazz and just start building your website.

Incredibly Powerful

Our websites are built on WordPress.org, which is a free and open source software that runs 30% of the entire internet. It is the most flexible and powerful content management system available. No matter how big your website becomes or how your needs evolve, you will never grow out of WordPress.

Easy To Use

Powerful doesn’t mean difficult. There are thousands of themes and plugins available which make WordPress as simple to use as any drag and drop editor. Our ready to install websites use the best theme and best plugin available – both of which are free – so you can adjust your website with complete ease.

Complete Flexibility

Need SEO tools, Google Analytics, live chat, or online booking? Adding new features to your website is as simple as selecting a plugin. You have complete control and ownership over your website and all of its content, so there’s no limit to what you can do.