#24. Footer

Learn how to edit Footer with Elementor.

Click Site Footer

Go to your site, Here you can see Edit With Elementor on top bar, Hover on It then Click on Site Footer.

Resize Columns Width

Now Resize Columns Width in Elementor.

Click Section - Select Structure

After Resized Column Width, Click edit Section then Select Structure.

Click Inline

Click on Inline Button of Layout.

From Style Tab - Change Spacing

Then Click On Style Tab and Change Spacing of Icon List.

Click Align Center

Now Click on Align Center

Click Section

Then Click on section.

Select Vertical Alignment Middle

Now go to Vertical Align And Select Vertical Alignment Middle.

Click Icon List

Now Click on Icon List.

Change the Text _ Links

After Click on Icon List, Change the Text_Links.

Click Social Icons

Now, Click On Social Icons.

Change Icons _ Links

After Click on Social Icons, Change the Icons Links.

Select Mobile View

Go to Responsive Mode from the bottom then select Mobile View.

Duplicate Icon List

Now, Right Click on Icon List then Click on Duplicate.

Click Advanced

After Duplicate of Icon List Just Click on Advanced tab.

Click Responsive

Scroll Down and Click on Responsive.

Enable Hide on Mobile

Now Click on Hide on Mobile for Enable.

Click on Icon List 2

Now Edit Icon list 2 Click on it.

Click Advanced

Now Click on Advanced Tab of Icon List 2.

Enable Hide on Desktop _ Tab

Now Click on Hide on Desktop & Hide on Tablet for Enable both options.

Click Content

Now Click on Content Tab.

Change Layout

Then change Layout Click on Default.

Click Update

Click on Update.
Congrats. You have done it properly.


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